Docks and Marinas

With so much water around Jacksonville, there is no surprise in the number of docks and marinas that need electrical service. Matt Vu Electric has been wiring and installing lighting to docks, powering boat lifts, and installing shore power lines and generators for years.

In fact, Matt Vu Electric will be glad to come out and check your current wiring for corrosion and damage. Electrical lines need to be encased in PVC piping, or non corrosive piping, to remain water tight. Docks age rapidly around the salt and brackish waters of our area - so electrical lines along a damaged dock or corroded pilings can cause lighting and boat lift power to be compromised. For your safety, these electrical line should be checked periodically.

Look to Matt Vu Electric for the best and most efficient way to keep your Docks and Marinas powered safely.

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