Residential Services

Matt Vu Electric is a Master Electrician that still makes house calls. Many electrical contracting companies don't even bother with Residential work anymore or they send out their least experienced crew. Not, Matt Vu - we feel every job is important no matter what needs to be done.

Room Additions and Re-Wires

If you are remodeling a house from the 70's that has aluminum wiring, we are specialists at converting the wiring, plugs and switches to copper. We also do new service from the pole, panel boxes, new breakers, fresh wiring and receptacles for either safety or style reasons.

Pool Lights, Decks and Patios

Matt Vu Electric has expanded its capabilities to include pool lights, deck lighting, hot tubs, saunas and patios. Anything outdoors or exposed to water requires GFI protection, Let Matt Vu Electric handle piping the wire to the panel and making sure its safe. Call for an estimate.


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