Smoke Alarms and Maintenance

The best smoke alarms need to wake you when you're sleeping. That means the alarm can be no further away than in the next room. Let Matt Vu Electric make sure you have enough of the right kind of smoke alarms throughout your home.

Hard-wired alarms can be connected together (with a wire) so when one alarm activates, all interconnected alarms go off. Many alarms in new homes have this feature. It means any alarm in the home can wake you in an emergency.

For homes with battery-powered alarms, there are models that contain a radio transmitter that will activate a receiver that can be placed in the bedroom. These need to be checked regularly.

With Matt Vu, all battery-powered and most hard-wired smoke alarms use a high-pitched electronic horn. We Test alarms before and after installation to make sure that they can be heard clearly.

People with hearing impairments can get smoke alarms with bright, flashing lights or vibrating signals. To awaken you, the light needs to be over the head of the bed and should be rated at least 110 candles.

source: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/downloads/pyfff/smkalarm.html

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