Surge and Lightning Protection

Electrical surges can occur when large electrical loads are turned on and off, such as electrical machinery at a nearby factory or at the utility company itself. Matt Vu Electric can keep your electronics protected from just such an event.

Lightning is the most damaging source of surges. Lightning is caused by the attraction of positive and negative charges in the atmosphere.This results in a buildup and discharge of electrical energy. Lightning can occur within a cloud, from cloud to cloud, or from cloud to earth. There are over 22 million lightning strikes in the United States in an average year. A typical lightning strike consists of 20,000 to 100,000 amps at 30 million volts.

Electrical Equipment Damage

Lightning does not have to strike a home, or near a home to cause electrical damage. A lightning strike on a power line several miles away still has the potential to cause extensive electrical damage in a home. Lightning strikes on high voltage lines are generally dissipated by utility transmission lines.

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